If you think plastic pollution is a hopeless problem, think again. At Intco, we are committed to protecting the environment and reusing materials by recycling EPS into quality PS mouldings and picture frames for home décor. Our eco-friendly Greenwood brand supplies PS mouldings that are not only lighter weight and more affordable than traditional wooden ones but really do look just like wood, metal, and marble frames. Our decorative materials are made into photo frames, art frames, mirror frames, and baseboards. Though we offer a wide selection of styles, we can also make custom PS mouldings or picture frames to fit specific shapes and sizes you need. These eco-friendly building materials are exported to over 90 countries around the world. Contact us today to place your order.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (White Color Range)

      With a simple waterproof design, this white skirting moulding is easy to install and gaining popularity. We use high quality material and advanced technology to produce a white baseboard molding that is consistently the same hue, even among different batches.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (Marble Look Range)

      Our polystyrene architectural moulding has a distinct marble-looking finish. Being waterproof, lightweight and easy to install has made the marble textured decorative moulding more and more popular in homes and offices wanting a high-end look. With various styles and shapes, you’ll have plenty to choose from to match the look you want.

    1. Photo Frame

      Your birthday, family Christmases, graduation day-whatever moment you hold dear, our ready-made photo frames give you colorful and distinctive frames to display those good memories in your home. Show off your style with one of our beautiful photo frames and decorate your home with good memories.

    1. Memo Board

      Post your to-do lists, receipts, notes, recipes, or photos on our large or small ornamental boards so that you always know where to find them. Our range of memo board is available in various styles, including bright and funny style, classic style, modern style, and more. Any of these styles will set you in the right mood to get things done. Our memo boards are both decorative and functional.

    1. Mat Cutter

      Air pressure adjusting device makes the user-friendly mat board cutter applicable for cutting material with different densities.
      Manual cutting depth adjustment has an increment of 0.1 (1/32"). The mat cutter process material with a maximum thickness of 5mm (3/16").

  • Our Advantages
    1. Production and Quality Control

      Our company has earned the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates for quality control, and our frame mouldings passed each test carried out by SGS.
      Intco owns 110 PS extrusion lines and 40 ready-made frame assembly lines.
      We use advanced production and testing equipment in our moulding production to make sure the finished products are of high quality.
      An imported Scan Direct 3D scanner scans samples to guarantee the consistency of our finished products.

    1. Moulding Development and Design

      Intco has also established cooperative relationships with many universities and institutes like East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, and Shanghai Second Polytechnic University. Every year, we spend about 9 million RMB in exploring polystyrene foam recycling technologies and developing new imitation wood mouldings. Over the years, we have obtained 4 invention patents and 17 utility model patents, setting a leading example in the decorative molding field.

    1. Resource Saving and Environment Protection

      Each year Intco produces about 1 million cartons of EPS frame mouldings which are made into various photo frames,art frames, mirror frames, baseboards and outdoor flooring. These ESP moldings are widely used for home décor products and architectural design. Because we advocate for developing healthy, safe and environmental-friendly lifestyles, we recycle up to 50,000t of waste foam plastics per year, which is the equivalent of reducing 100,000t of carbon emissions, saving 150,000t of raw petroleum and protecting more than 2,000,000 trees from being cut down.

    1. Intco Distribution Agencies

      Our premium architectural mouldings are artistic, fashionable, and eco-friendly. With classic designs, these high quality decorative materials will make your rooms stand out.
      Distribution Agency in Handan
      Distribution Agency in Heilongjiang
      Distribution Agency in Beijing
      Distribution Agency in Luzhou

    1. Constructional Decoration

      With over 10 years of experience in moulding manufacturing and exporting, Intco makes reliable and artistic decorative mouldings for customers. We pay close attention to changing trends and our designers create new moulding products each year to guarantee you a selection of the latest styles.
      Mouldings Applied in Sliding Doors
      Mouldings Applied in Suspended Ceilings
      Mouldings used for Background Wall Decoration

    1. Home Decoration

      Our exquisite architectural mouldings add beauty to your home. Check out a few of the examples below.
      Frame Mouldings Applied in Home Decoration
      Mouldings Applied in the Prototype Rooms of a Customer's New House
      Base Moulding Decoration
      Crown Moulding Decoration