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Frame Mouldings

    1. Frame Mouldings (New Design Range)These PS frame mouldings may be colorful, elegant, festive, or simple, catering to the needs of different customers. With a great R&D department, advanced machines, strict quality control, and good factory management, we can guarantee the best product quality.
    1. Frame Mouldings (Wood Texture Range)Thanks to the talented designers and special surface treatment technologies, our polystyrene mouldings in wooden style look just the same as mouldings made of real wood. In addition, the use of PS materials instead of wood to make picture frame mouldings reduces the waste of natural forest resources and protects our environment.
    1. Photo Frame MouldingsAs a professional photo frame molding supplier, we make photo frame mouldings in thousands of styles at affordable prices. We sell our environmental-friendly decorative frames to well-known customers all over the world including Walmart, Target, and Sainsbury.
    1. Picture Frame MouldingsChoose from among thousands of quality styles and sizes to find the right frame design for your work of art and the room where you'll display it. With our well-designed art frame mouldings, you can bring the art gallery experience home with you.
    1. Mirror Frame MouldingsAffordable prices, diverse styles and superb quality make our PS mirror moldings superior to moldings made from other materials. We also provide customized fashionable PS moldings to fit the specific size of your mirror.

With 110 polystyrene (PS) extruded frame moulding production lines, Intco makes about 1 million boxes of PS extruded picture frame mouldings per year. By now, we have designed over 10,000 styles of PS mouldings and we continue to design more to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our PS extruded frame mouldings are classified by use to frame art, photos, and mirrors and by style—wooden or current fashion trends.

1. Fashion style picture frame moulding: This series of our newly designed PS mouldings caters to current fashion trends in the frame industry.

2. Wooden Color frame moulding: Wood will always be a classic look for customers wanting a more natural feel. Our wooden color plastic extruded moulding is designed with imitation wood grain patterns that look as real as actual wood.

3. Photo frame moulding: Whether natural or modern, festive or classical, our PS mouldings for photo frames will complement your photos and brighten up your house.

4. Picture frame moulding: Our art frames are designed to coordinate with works of art, setting them off to their advantage. Art frame mouldings can even be their own piece of artwork.

5. Mirror frame moulding: Our mirror frame mouldings are available in a variety of styles for customers wanting classic, elegant, artistic, or modern styles. Choose from our wide selection of PS mirror mouldings or customize a frame for your own unique mirror.