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Decorative Mouldings (Wall Panel Range)

With rich colors, natural textures, and artistic styles, our panel style decorative mouldings are a popular choice for DIY home designers and construction firms. As we use recycled material, these environmentally-friendly decorative moulding help create green, comfortable, and personalized homes for our customers. Our panels can come in a width of 30cm or more to save on installation time. We also provide cutting machine, liquid nails and other tools to make installing the architectural molding easier.

Specifications of Panel Style Decorative Mouldings
  • Type: JC116
    Width: 200mm
    Height: 9mm
    Packing Quantity: 14
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 16.85m
  • Type: JC155
    Width: 120mm
    Height: 9.8mm
    Packing Quantity: 22
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 62.7m
  • Type: JC159
    Width: 160mm
    Height: 6mm
    Packing Quantity: 20
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 57m
  • Type: JC323
    Width: 200mm
    Height: 40mm
    Packing Quantity: 6
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 17.1m
  • Type: JC326
    Width: 200mm
    Height: 15mm
    Packing Quantity: 10
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 28.5m
  • Type: JC330
    Width: 300mm
    Height: 8mm
    Packing Quantity: 7
    Length (PC): 2.85m
    Length/ctn: 19.95m
Curve Moulding (JC155, JC159, JC116, JC330)
  • A-CU1
  • A-CU2
  • A-CU3
  • A-CU4
  • A-CU5
Marble Moulding (JC155, JC15, JC116, JC330, JC326, JC323)
  • 342
  • 367
  • 368
  • B12
  • Marble
  • S400
  • W1
Mosaics-I Moulding (jc155, jc159, jc116, jc330)
  • B-MOSI1
  • B-MOSI2
  • B-MOSI3
  • B-MOSI4
  • B-MOSI5
Mosaics-II Moulding (JC155, JC159, JC116, JC330)
  • C-MOSII 1
  • C-MOSII 2
  • C-MOSII 3
  • C-MOSII 4
Wave Moulding (JC155, JC159, JC116, JC330)
  • D-WA1
  • D-WA2
  • D-WA3
Split-Joint Moulding
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