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Architectural Mouldings / Decorative Mouldings

    1. Architectural Mouldings (White Color Range)

      With a simple waterproof design, this white skirting moulding is easy to install and gaining popularity. We use high quality material and advanced technology to produce a white baseboard molding that is consistently the same hue, even among different batches.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (Wooden Color Range)With imitation wood mouldings, you'll add a natural, organic look to your home or office, creating a peaceful environment that pairs well with almost any style. Besides being an eco-friendly moulding design by using recycled materials, our imitation wood mouldings help preserve forest resources.
    1. Architectural Mouldings (Metallic Finish Range)A bold choice in any room, the metallic style PS moulding is also waterproof, durable, and easy to keep clean. Compared with real metal mouldings, the metallic building material is lighter and easier to install.
    1. Architectural Mouldings (Marble Look Range)

      Our polystyrene architectural moulding has a distinct marble-looking finish. Being waterproof, lightweight and easy to install has made the marble textured decorative moulding more and more popular in homes and offices wanting a high-end look. With various styles and shapes, you’ll have plenty to choose from to match the look you want.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (Classic Range)Compared with actual wooden mouldings, Intco's affordable PS moulding in classic wooden style is lightweight, waterproof, mothproof, and won't easily deform. The PS construction molding is also incredibly easy to install. With just a pencil and a bit of glue, installation can be finished in only five minutes.
    1. Base Moulding / Skirting BoardThe moulding reduces the risk of walls warping over time and protects them against any damages caused by sudden impact. In addition, the skirting board moulding is easy to keep clean and can subtly define the room's aesthetic.
    1. Decorative Mouldings (Wall Panel Range)As we use recycled material, these environmentally-friendly decorative moulding help create green, comfortable, and personalized homes for our customers. Our panels can come in a width of 30cm or more to save on installation time.

Based on our years of experience in the moulding industry, we produce reliable and quality PS architectural mouldings and decorative mouldings such as imitation wood baseboard moulding,crown moulding, wall waist moulding, decorative bordering moulding, and outdoor flooring. As decorative mouldings are used more and more not only architectural engineering but also interior design and DIY projects, we've developed a number of PS architectural decorative moulding styles.

1. White series: Not only does white pair well with anything, it also adds a clean, minimal look to your décor.

2. Wooden style series: Our imitation wooden style PS mouldings really does look just like wood. Choose this series for a rustic, natural look in your home.

3. Metallic style series: The metallicPS architectural molding makes a bold statement in your room.

4. Marble series: These architectural mouldings which come in various faux marble veins echo the classics of Greek and Roman architecture.

5. Classic style series: Our classic mouldings will never go out of style and can be paired with any room or furnishings.

6. Base moulding series: The base moulding is easy to clean and keeps the wall and floor tightly sealed together.

7. Panel moulding series: Our panel moulding can be as wide as 30 cm, wider than most other decorative mouldings.