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Picture Frame

Whether you’re an artist looking for the right frame to fit your new piece of work or an art collector decorating your home, Intco’s ornamental picture frames will set off your artwork with class and style. Choose from among a variety of sizes and styles and brighten up the walls of your home with our decorative frames.

Decoration Effects Display
  • 12×16in.
    Moulding: 1492-A182

  • 15.7×19.7in.
    Moulding: 313-Ⅷ-977EMT

  • 12×22 in.
    Moulding: 759-066

  • 13×13in.

  • 2×14in.

  • 20×32in.

  • 18×18in.
    Moulding: 019-W275T

  • 24×24in

  • 18×18in.
    Moulding: 316-471

  • 12×12in.
    Moulding: 265-S065

  • 10×10in.
    Moulding: 1962-MX486

  • 30×30in.
    Moulding: 1088WK-A189

  • 10×10in.
    Moulding: 1962-MX486

  • 8×20in.
    Moulding: 2815WK-06

  • 17.38×33.25in.
    Moulding: 133-G335
    Moulding: 2815WK-06

  • 6.75×12.75in.
    Moulding: 023-06
    Moulding: 313-G568

  • 9.25×11.5in.
    Moulding: 1536-A103

  • 11.38×11.38in.
    Moulding: 1536-V100
    Moulding: 759-20077B

  • 6.5×6.5in.
    Moulding: 759-A-1248
    Moulding: 759-A-V3211

  • 23×29in.
    Moulding: 454-20091

  • 5.9×5.9in.
    Moulding: 313-06

  • 21.25×41in.
    Moulding: 447-G335

  • 14×24in.
    Moulding: 1133-MP

  • 13.5×35in.
    Moulding: 133-G335

  • 8×22in.
    Moulding: 1056-X866

  • 15×15in.
    Moulding: 2305-V3211 Fillet 1396-088

  • 13×13in.
    Moulding: 2293-G506

  • 16×16in.
    Moulding: MK-0815

  • 16×16in.
    Moulding: MK-0810

  • 24.75×37.25in. (unit size: 12×12 in.)
    Moulding: MK-0812

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