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Frame Cutting Machine

Intco’s newly developed mitre guillotine for cutting frame is highly durable and stable in operation.

1. The picture framing equipment works efficiently and is convenient to operate.
2. Precise bearings drive the cutting device.
3. The mitre guillotine has remarkable wear resistance and its stable operation ensures product safety.
4. The angle cutter leaves few burrs and won’t damage edges.
5. The operating platform of the frame angle cutter is ergonomic and comfortable to use.
6. Compared with a vertical frame making machine, the horizontal mitre guillotine is better and more efficient at cutting.
7. The corners of the 12mm thick operating platform are specially processed to be smooth to prevent workers from being injured.

Detail Display

  • Ergonomic operating platform and appropriate height relieves much of the stress fatigue during working.

  • A unique steel platform has specular gloss.

  • High-grade motor is durable and has outstanding, reliable

  • Excellent 80 teeth saw blade is imported from Japan (230mm).

  • Power Switch
    Operating Platform

This frame trimming machine is used to make photo frames, mirror frames, picture frames, cross-stitch boxes, and shadow boxes.

Warning: Do not use a saw blade with more than 100 teeth!
The 100 teeth saw blade, which is used to cut traditional wooden frames, will break PS frames. That's why we recommend the mitre guillotine with its 80 teeth saw blade for PS frames.

Technical Specifications of the Mitre Guillotine

Voltage Single-phase, 220V
Saw blade size Φ250mm, 80 teeth
Machine size 1×l×0.8m
Operation platform thickness 12mm
Max. cutting stroke 20cm
Max. frame thickness 6.5cm

Standard Accessories for Mitre Guillotine
80 tooth saw (250mm)×1

Optional Accessories
Japan Ninja brand saw blade

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