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Mat Cutter

Our newly designed mat cutter comes with large workbench and a new type of clamping system. Applicable for processing a variety of materials, the mat cutting device has a high cutting accuracy.

1. Optimized layout enables efficient cutting of mats in different sizes.
2. Few operation limitations allows you to be more creative in your cutting.
3. Affordable computerized mat cutter with a full-featured vacuum.
4. High cutting speed and efficiency.
5. The mat cutter is ideal for cutting mat boards, boxes, display material, signage, embossing boards, gaskets, etc.
6. A high resolution camera is available for crop mark detection.
7. Interchangeable cutting head system.
8. A heavy duty rail extends the lifespan of the product.
9. Air pressure adjusting device makes the user-friendly mat board cutter applicable for cutting material with different densities.
10. Manual cutting depth adjustment has an increment of 0.1 (1/32"). The mat cutter process material with a maximum thickness of 5mm (3/16").
11. For straight and bevel cutting, the mat board cutting equipment has two clamps which reduce the width of waste to 15mm (0.59") and 17mm (0.67").
12. The emergency stop button is positioned on the machine's arm.

Technical Parameters of the Mat Cutter

Mat Pro® Ultra 150 Mat Pro® Ultra 120
Working area 1515mm×1015mm (60"×40") Working area 1215mm×815mm (48"×32")
Width 2010mm (79") Width 1630mm (64.2")
Depth 1400mm (55.5") Depth 1200mm (51.2")
Height 1500mm (60") Height 1500mm (60")
Weight 145kg (319lb) Weight 125kg (275lb)
Max. speed 365mm (14.5")/sec.
Power supply 110V/60Hz/10A, 220V/50Hz/10A
Air pressure 6 Bar/90PSI
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