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Frame Making Equipment

    1. Frame Cutting Machine Compared with a vertical frame making machine, the horizontal mitre guillotine is better and more efficient at cutting.
      The corners of the 12mm thick operating platform are specially processed to be smooth to prevent workers from being injured.
    1. Frame Joining MachineStrong welding and design makes the frame joiner durable and safe to use.
      Available memory storage of this photo frame joiner retains operation records.
      In addition to traditional frames, this product can also join hexagonal and polygonal frames.
    1. Mat Cutter

      Air pressure adjusting device makes the user-friendly mat board cutter applicable for cutting material with different densities.
      Manual cutting depth adjustment has an increment of 0.1 (1/32"). The mat cutter process material with a maximum thickness of 5mm (3/16").


Apart from ready-made photo frames and mirror frames as well as decorative and architectural moulding, Incto also provide frame making equipment, such as the mitre guillotine, frame joiner, mat cutter, perfect for artists and DIY enthusiasts making their own frames and for local and chain framing stores. Contact our customer service department with any questions.