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    1. Frame Mouldings (New Design Range)These PS frame mouldings may be colorful, elegant, festive, or simple, catering to the needs of different customers. With a great R&D department, advanced machines, strict quality control, and good factory management, we can guarantee the best product quality.
    1. Frame Mouldings (Wood Texture Range)Thanks to the talented designers and special surface treatment technologies, our polystyrene mouldings in wooden style look just the same as mouldings made of real wood. In addition, the use of PS materials instead of wood to make picture frame mouldings reduces the waste of natural forest resources and protects our environment.
    1. Photo Frame MouldingsAs a professional photo frame molding supplier, we make photo frame mouldings in thousands of styles at affordable prices. We sell our environmental-friendly decorative frames to well-known customers all over the world including Walmart, Target, and Sainsbury.
    1. Picture Frame MouldingsChoose from among thousands of quality styles and sizes to find the right frame design for your work of art and the room where you'll display it. With our well-designed art frame mouldings, you can bring the art gallery experience home with you.
    1. Mirror Frame MouldingsAffordable prices, diverse styles and superb quality make our PS mirror moldings superior to moldings made from other materials. We also provide customized fashionable PS moldings to fit the specific size of your mirror.
    1. Architectural Mouldings (White Color Range)

      With a simple waterproof design, this white skirting moulding is easy to install and gaining popularity. We use high quality material and advanced technology to produce a white baseboard molding that is consistently the same hue, even among different batches.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (Wooden Color Range)With imitation wood mouldings, you'll add a natural, organic look to your home or office, creating a peaceful environment that pairs well with almost any style. Besides being an eco-friendly moulding design by using recycled materials, our imitation wood mouldings help preserve forest resources.
    1. Architectural Mouldings (Metallic Finish Range)A bold choice in any room, the metallic style PS moulding is also waterproof, durable, and easy to keep clean. Compared with real metal mouldings, the metallic building material is lighter and easier to install.
    1. Architectural Mouldings (Marble Look Range)

      Our polystyrene architectural moulding has a distinct marble-looking finish. Being waterproof, lightweight and easy to install has made the marble textured decorative moulding more and more popular in homes and offices wanting a high-end look. With various styles and shapes, you’ll have plenty to choose from to match the look you want.

    1. Architectural Mouldings (Classic Range)Compared with actual wooden mouldings, Intco's affordable PS moulding in classic wooden style is lightweight, waterproof, mothproof, and won't easily deform. The PS construction molding is also incredibly easy to install. With just a pencil and a bit of glue, installation can be finished in only five minutes.
    1. Base Moulding / Skirting BoardThe moulding reduces the risk of walls warping over time and protects them against any damages caused by sudden impact. In addition, the skirting board moulding is easy to keep clean and can subtly define the room's aesthetic.
    1. Decorative Mouldings (Wall Panel Range)As we use recycled material, these environmentally-friendly decorative moulding help create green, comfortable, and personalized homes for our customers. Our panels can come in a width of 30cm or more to save on installation time.
    1. Mirror FrameOur elegant framed mirrors are functional and decorative, beautifying your home. With trendy, classic, and modern styles of mirror frames, your bathroom, living room, and bedroom can take on the look you want it to.
    1. Picture FrameWhether you’re an artist looking for the right frame to fit your new piece of work or an art collector decorating your home, Intco’s ornamental picture frames will set off your artwork with class and style. Choose from among a variety of sizes and styles and brighten up the walls of your home with our decorative frames.
    1. Photo Frame

      Your birthday, family Christmases, graduation day-whatever moment you hold dear, our ready-made photo frames give you colorful and distinctive frames to display those good memories in your home. Show off your style with one of our beautiful photo frames and decorate your home with good memories.

    1. Memo Board

      Post your to-do lists, receipts, notes, recipes, or photos on our large or small ornamental boards so that you always know where to find them. Our range of memo board is available in various styles, including bright and funny style, classic style, modern style, and more. Any of these styles will set you in the right mood to get things done. Our memo boards are both decorative and functional.

    1. Frame Cutting Machine Compared with a vertical frame making machine, the horizontal mitre guillotine is better and more efficient at cutting.
      The corners of the 12mm thick operating platform are specially processed to be smooth to prevent workers from being injured.
    1. Frame Joining MachineStrong welding and design makes the frame joiner durable and safe to use.
      Available memory storage of this photo frame joiner retains operation records.
      In addition to traditional frames, this product can also join hexagonal and polygonal frames.
    1. Mat Cutter

      Air pressure adjusting device makes the user-friendly mat board cutter applicable for cutting material with different densities.
      Manual cutting depth adjustment has an increment of 0.1 (1/32"). The mat cutter process material with a maximum thickness of 5mm (3/16").