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Accessories Supply

As a PS moulding and frame manufacturer, we provide the following accessories to make installation easier. Our technical team will help you select the best options for your needs. These accessories are also sold individually.

1. Glass
Treatment Waterproof Non water-proof
Size Regular size: 914×1220mm/1016×1220mm Special size
Thickness 1.8mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm

(Deviation: 0.2mm)

2. Mirror
Beveled edge 0.5" 0.75" 1" 1.25" 1.5"
Type Plane mirror Beveled mirror
Back coating Aluminum Silver
Size Regular size: 2500×1600mm Special size
Thickness 2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm 5.0mm 6.0mm (Customizable)
3. Backing

Select from a variety of photo frame backings such as MDF backings, flocking backings, paper backings, and pile coated backings.

  • MDF Backing
  • Flocking backing
  • Paper backing
  • Pile coated backing
4. Hardware Accessories

We offer some common hardware accessories you may need for moulding or frame installation, such as nails, screws and corner brackets.

5. Nailer

We provide various types of nailers for moulding installation. Contact us for more information.

6. Glue and Adhesive Tape

If you need glue, adhesive tape, packing belts, or cartons, we can advise you on the best option for your situation.