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Saving Resources and Protecting the Environment
  • EPS Revolution
  • Eco-Friendly Products

Each year Intco produces about 1 million cartons of EPS frame mouldings which are made into various photo frames,art frames, mirror frames, baseboards and outdoor flooring. These ESP mouldings are widely used for home decoration products and architectural design. Because we advocate a healthy, safe and environmental-friendly lifestyle, we recycle up to 50,000 tons of waste foam plastic per year, which is equivalent of reducing 100,000 tons of carbon emissions. This means we have saved 150,000t raw petroleum, and protected more than 2,000,000 trees from being cut down every year.

Intco Resources Comprehensive Utilization Circulation Diagram

Greenwood-Intco's Eco-Friendly Brand

The mission of Greenwood is to provide customers with high quality, eco-friendly and artistic home decoration products, while protecting our forest resources and the natural environment. After 10 years of development, Greenwood has grown to be the number one Chinese brand for eco-friendly imitation wood moulding products. Over the years, we have designed and produced a wide selection of beautiful and recyclable frame products.

Contributions We Have Made to Protecting the Environment
1. Decreasing white pollution, or plastic pollution, by recycling foam packaging materials.
2. Using recycled PS materials instead of wood to produce frame mouldings, architectural mouldings, and ready-made frames, reducing the consumption of forest resources.
3. Through our home decoration and architectural design, we help families and homes support greener lifestyles.