Shanghai Intco Industries Co., Ltd.

No. 1299, Hubin Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China

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Development History

Intco Industries is founded in Shanghai to recycle PS and produce PS moulding, photo frames, art frames, mirror frames and glass ornaments from Greenwood, a registered trademark brand from Intco. Products are exported to Europe and the U.S.

Zibo Intco Framing Products Co., Ltd. is established as a way to recycle and reuse polystyrene as well as produce EPS moulding, ready-made photo frames, art frames, mirror frames, and other home décor products. Most products are sold to overseas markets.

May 2010
Intco International (HK), a subsidiary of Intco Recycling Resources, is registered in Hong Kong. Intco International (HK) imports and exports our decorative mouldings and ready-made frames.

August 2010
Intco (Zhenjiang) Machinery is established to develop and manufacture PS recycling machinery. Its main machinery is the PS material compression and densification equipment.

November 2010
Lu'an Intco Industries was founded in the Yu'an economic development zone of Lu'an City in Anhui Province. Lu'an Intco Industries manufactures EPS mouldings and supplies Greenwood frame mouldings for customers in China and Southeast Asia.

December 2011
Zibo Intco Framing Products Co., Ltd. changes its name to Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.

Incto exports about 5,000 40-foot containers of products to over 90 countries around the world per year. We have developed into one of the largest manufacturers of PS imitation wood decorative and architectural mouldings and PS imitation wood decorative photo frames, mirror frames and art frames in the world. Our enthusiastic and multilingual service team provides global customers with timely and professional services.