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1. What is polystyrene (PS)?

Polystyrene, or PS, is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic used for making foam plastic products such as picture frames, mirror frames, photo frames, polymer building materials, disposable plastic tableware, transparent CD cases, and toys. Copolymerization with other rubber polymer materials lets polystyrene be used to make products with different mechanical properties.

Recycling PS Material
More than 10 million tons of PS foam scraps are generated each year around the world. Seventy percent of those scraps are buried while only 30% are recycled. And among the recycled PS foam scraps, those used for home decoration only take up 5%.

Intco-An Environmental Integration Expert
Because PS material, especially expanded polystyrene, is lightweight and has a low scrap value, it's difficult to collect and recycle. Intco's breakthrough in processing EPS changed that. We found ways to make expanded polystyrene more dense and developed new machinery for expanded polystyrene recycling, making large scale expanded polystyrene recycling possible.

2. What distinguishes Intco's PS Products?

I. Advantages of Intco PS Frame Mouldings
a. Eco-Friendly and Recyclable: IntcoPS frame mouldings are odorless and free of hazardous substances. They are also recyclable, conforming to the 3R international environmental protection standards.
b. Durable: Our PS frame moldings are resistant to oxidation, water, mildew and flame.
c. Convenient: The PS picture frame mouldings can easily be cut, sawed, nailed or painted.
d. Diverse: We have over 10,000 styles of PS decorative mouldings from the elegant to the natural.

II. Property Characteristics of Polystyrene Material
PS is an amorphous linear polymer with high molecular rigidity. Due to benzene rings, PS is transparent and hard at room temperature.

Being transparent, polystyrene can be dyed any color. Its relative density is only lower than that of PP and PE materials and it has excellent electrical performance, especially high frequency response. Although PS is inferior to methacrylic resin in photostability, PS has the highest radiation resistance among all plastic materials.

The most important characteristics of polystyrene are its good thermostability and flowability in fusion processes. These characteristics make polystyrene easy to shape, especially through injection moulding, making PS material ideal for mass production. PS products usually won't shrink in the moulding process and they have good dimensional stability.

3. Comparisons Between PS Frame Mouldings and Wooden Frame Mouldings
PS Frame Moulding Wooden Frame Moulding
Won't easily deform. Easily bends, warps or deforms.
Waterproof and mothproof. May be damaged by water or insects.
Treated with special technologies for a texture that imitates real wood grain. It must be processed with complicated surface treatments.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor applications may damage the frame because it is not waterproof.
Made from recycled materials, reduces the need for forest resources. A wooden frame requires more forest resources.
Lightweight and easy to transport Often heavy and inconvenient to transport

Moulding Product Performance Parameter Comparison Diagram

* The comparison tests are done according to laboratory data.

4. Application of PS Material

Polystyrene is usually used to make foam plastic products and a variety of products with different mechanical properties through copolymerization with other rubber polymer materials. In daily life, PS can be used for making disposable plastic tableware, transparent CD case, etc. Since 2003, expanded polystyrene has been widely used as the sound and heat insulation material between hollow floors in the building industry.

Application of Intco Polystyrene (PS) Products

Eco-Friendly PS Picture Frame MouldingsIntco's eco-friendly PS picture frame mouldings come in bright colors and are quite durable. With thousands of styles to choose from, we provide you withdecorative solutions for any space.
Architectural Decorative MouldingsDecorative mouldings are used more and more in architectural engineering and home design. Based on years of experience, Intco provides affordable and quality PS architectural decorative mouldings including imitation wood baseboard moulding, crown moulding, wall waist moulding, decorative bordering moulding, and outdoor flooring.
Ready-Made FramesIntco's ready-made frames are fashionably designed in a variety of artistic styles. Our professional team works to provide you with a one-stop service for customized art frames, photo frames and mirror frames.